How We can help

Tech Help

We repair laptops and desktop computers as well as iPads and iPhones  in Macclesfield, Poynton, Wilmslow, Bollington and surrounding areas. We also offer web design, building mobile responsive websites.

We come to your house at a time to suit you. Day or evening. This also includes weekends.

We can offer help and  training on any aspect of your computer, tablet or smart phone.

Don’t forget windows 7 support and updates will end on January 14, 2020. Get in touch to arrange an upgrade to windows 10.

SSD upgrades, SSD drives are around 10 times faster than traditional hard drives, don’t buy a new computer upgrade it.

Back to new service. This will make your pc run as good if not better than when you bought it. Unlike a washer or vacuum cleaner there are very few moving parts that actually wear out. The problem is normally a build up of software viruses and malware that have accumulated over time. Putting your pc back to its original state removes all of the extra files. Your personal files (pictures and word docs etc.) emails and favourites however are backed up before the process is started. They are then put back on when its complete. The pc is then brought back connected to the internet and any printers or cameras reinstalled. Making the whole process as painless as possible.

Don’t lose pictures or documents again, we offer a full online cloud backup service. Click here for more details.

We don’t just help with computers we can offer help with smart TVs, mobiles, tablets, cameras, routers,  wireless printers, smart phone setup, 3D TVs in fact any type of technology.

PC repairs, virus removal, malware removal, security checks.

Free anti virus and malware software. Did you know, there are many free anti virus programs that work as well if not better than paid for ones. These can be setup when we visit. Save money every year on renewal. Windows 10 has its own anti virus program built in.

PC tuition, also Ipad or android tablet help.

Advise about what to buy and what not to buy

PC health checks

Hardware installation

Websites made to order in conjunction with Lime Fresh Design

For all your PC, iPhone and iPad repairs in Macclesfield, Poynton, Wilmslow, Bollington and surrounding areas contact us now for immediate attention.